107 Days

107 Days

107 Days

Pastor Steve Riggle, Grace Woodlands Community Church, Spring, TX, July 19, 2020.

The most important days in my lifetime, what will I do and how will I live in such a way that makes a difference in the destiny of a people (Pastor Steve). None of us picked this day to be alive, God knew before we became a thought.

Psalm 139- God’s intimate acquaintance with all of us. He knew me and that I would be alive today. Therefore how shall we live? We are called to live as citizens of His kingdom first; we are called to live out His virtues and values. If we live them out we will speak for those values on behalf of the nation. We will speak to those virtues and values.

We are surrounded with problems- racism, pandemic, protests, violence, economic crisis, everything that was released by the George Floyd incident. Above that we have a crisis of confidence, we don’t know who to believe and what to believe. How then shall we live for the next 107 days- we need to be Christ-centered, stand upon the word of God (Heb. 10:39). We don’t shape the word of God into our own philosophy. We are called to serve the King as we receive His mandate.

This election is not about 2 men, this is a very shallow meaning due to shallow thinking. Our family, our future, our nation is at stake. It is about 2 ideologies and one will prevail. The sides are clearly defined. I have never have seen an election that the 2 sides are saying what they stand for. We are standing between 2 voices. In America, the people are the king, i.e. people are the electorate. We don’t have the right to opt out of this responsibility. That is how this nation was founded. Our responsibility is to make sure we stand for God’s righteousness. A segment of the church has bemoaned what has been lost and the rest have been oblivious. Fundamental values have been systematically stripped away- the anti-Christ spirit, i.e. spirit of lawlessness. Abortion, human sexuality, transgender identification. The educational system is a primary example, in the past the primer to teach children how to read were the Scriptures.

2016- Pres. Trump elected but was not my choice. He is a very unlikely man whom God has used to push back against all that is ungodly. One good thing to learn is that God puts people in positions that we would not pick and uses people we would not use. God uses people such as Pres. Trump to inspire people to stand up; to stand up against the “rot” of this system. Pres. Trump has appointed over 200+ judges and now there are more conservative than liberal judges in the appellate courts. There are a group of people that hate this but there is an evil spirit driving this. This election will determine who and what we are regarding this nation. This group leader has said “if the U.S. doesn’t give us what we want we will burn it.” Battle lines have been drawn. We can’t stand on the sideline or it will be too late. So we better wake up. A lot of giants and voices shouting against us. If we don’t go along we are shamed. We don’t lead by shaming, intimidating or causing people to fear. What we want is a champion, a savior. The silent majority does not want to burn this nation. They still back the law enforcement community. We lead by bringing the best out of people. If we don’t have enforceable laws we have anarchy.

We want someone to fight for us; God won’t fight for us but He will fight with us. 1Sam. 17- today this is where we are at. Goliath was 9’9” tall and his coat of mail (armor- weighed 125lb.) Like David, the church needs to recognize that we have tested weapons that the Lord has given us. Pres. Trump is not our David. We are David; Pres. Trump is not our savior; our salvation, Jesus, is in us and it rests upon our shoulders. We have a voice because we have a vote.

Observations that parallel today’s events:

David just doesn’t take supplies, he intentionally goes to see the battle. If we don’t do this we only hear what we are being told. If we go on only by other voices, what we hear maybe wrong and we will go astray. Who are we listening to?

*When all this “crisis” is over there will be much “stuff” that will be discovered that is all wrong; people with agendas. What we hear will not give us the whole picture of what is at stake. We need to do our own research, and make our own judgment. Don’t listen to voices who are reinventing our history. (Prophetic word from Pastor Steve).

When we see the battle and fear and the taunting it causes us to make a choice. We will either engage in the battle or we run away. We make a choice. We can’t live under intimidation and fear. In the middle of this hour the average citizen never stood up. Like David we must be convinced of the size of our God otherwise we will turn and run. The majority of Christians turn away from the ballot box. If we view the battle through the lens of human possibility things don’t look good. There are enough Christians that if we vote biblically we will turn this nation around.

Rom. 12:1-2- don’t be squeezed into the world’s mold. We feel the squeezing.

The Constitution has kept this nation free because we have believed its precepts. God will set a new order when Jesus returns. There are clear signs of the end of all times. First we are kingdom people but many are shaped by the world. During this time many have surrendered their rights due to shame and intimidation. A lot of Christians have been shaped by the world. It is easier to let other people shout for us. We are too busy, we have other things to do.

The genesis of the message-there are people who make individual decisions and then they become corporate decisions as a church. As an individual and as a church we have largely been bought into appeasement. Where is the backlash from people that are fed up with these evil works and won’t be silent? How much am I willing to be appeased before I stand up? “King” Newsome (CA) thinks he is the messiah. He is legislating the liturgy of the church. We must choose to obey God and not man (Acts 12). Appeasement never works. There is a spirit behind the voices, there is a destroyer. Jesus came to give us life, filled with abundance, satisfaction and purpose. The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. The ultimate goal of the enemy is to kill us. That spirit is after subjection, then to domination then to destruction (addictions). Appeasement leads me to buy into the narrative of the day. We will be oblivious to it, i.e. we won’t even realize it. How much needs to happen for the church to wake up. Much of the stuff that is on- line is goofy. The church was never called to be “cool” but prophetic. Will we live with a conviction of a Christ centered view? If so we will reject the new qualifiers, defy those who want to destroy this country. We will not deny societal ills but we will not tear down society either. We will work within the process to make right the wrongs.

There are many giants threatening our end, they are shouting to shut down our voice, confidence, faith, and hope. They are demeaning who we are.

1Sam. 17:8- servants of the Most High God not of Saul. We are servants of the Lord but they want to “pigeon hole” us. Goliath shouted servants of Saul but we are servants of the Most High God.

V42-43- the giant despised David; David had a response. He knew the battle was God’s to win but He wants us to participate. David starts at the place of the battle and he has a choice. He can respond to God for who He is or to Goliath. David can listen to Goliath or declare who His God is!! He chose the Lord of hosts!!!

People who will stand for the truth and reject the spirit of anarchy. When people with godly courage stand up it stiffens the spine of others. May the Lord deliver us from the fear of man. We must know whom we have believed. If the Lord can settle my eternity than He is more than able to take care of the present. He has the power to deliver me and this nation!

How many righteous people will it take? The cry of sin from Sodom and Gomorrah was louder than the cry of the righteous. We are being set up by God to see if we have courage, wake up from our slumber and decide to walk as the people of God. We will not be silenced, intimidated, shamed. The harshest judgement historically has been on those nations who sacrificed the children (60M abortions). We need David’s to remind us of His faithfulness, what He has done for us throughout the years.

V48- God give us people willing to run to the battle, as we run to the battle the Holy Spirit empower us. A revived, renewed church will be the result. Cry for revival, blow the trumpet. Amen.


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