Daniel’s 70 Week Prophecy

Daniel’s 70 Week Prophecy

The book of Daniel is saturated with prophecy. The study of each chapter is so interesting not only in history but also in present and future events.  As you read this post keep in mind I am only addressing  Daniel chapter nine.

The time line begins, for the sake of this chart, with Daniel 9:25 with the decree to restore (to bring back) and build (increase or enlarge according to a plan) Jerusalem until (specific time) Messiah the Prince. Then it moves into three very specific divisions, a 7 week period followed by a 62 week period and ending with a 1 week period divided in two equal parts of three and a half days. As you look at the chart the starting point is May 14, 2018 with the 70-year anniversary of Israel and the moving of the United States embassy to Jerusalem.  This one thing, the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem, marks the starting point of the 70-week prophecy and the return of the Messiah.

When Pastor George read the time line his response was, “It is with interesting fervor that I am following the things that are going on the world today – be it economic, political, or social, religious and much more for all these have significant focus and purpose. Things are converging together in a way we have not witnessed before. Is it any wonder that the enemy of our souls is so mad about what President Trump is doing! Apparently, it is sad to note that even the Christians – some of them – are blind to the realities of what God is doing. Many think it is politics same-o-same-o. It is not. The curtain is coming down economically and the and the Ten-amen Square is once again to experience another uprising but this time not students verses the government but the underground church arising and saying enough is enough. Let the skeptics know whether they like it or not – America will be great again…”

Daniel 9 Timeline

Time to consider and time to pray…it is time.







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